People love the Xbox 360 because of its high-end graphics capabilities and the crazy amount awesome games, but unfortunately the Xbox 360 is prone to certain failures. There’s nothing worse than turning on your Xbox 360 and having it freeze or show some kind of error indicating that there’s something wrong with it. In this article I will help those who are facing problems with their Xbox 360 resolve these problems and get back to playing games as possible.

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The first thing you need to do is actually determine where the problem lies. This will involve opening up your console and having a look at a few things inside. Most of the problems are caused by overheating issues with the GPU [graphics processing unit]. When the GPU heats up too much it starts to malfunction and this is one of the main causes of the Xbox 360 freezing.

Although this may seem like a serious problem the damage is actually not permanent and can be solved by points and thermal paste between the graphics processing unit and its heatsink. In order to access this area of the console you need to remove the DVD drive and the hard drive. Once these two things are out of the console you now have access to the motherboard which you can take out.

Carefully remove the heatsink of the GPU and clean the surface with some acetone or cleaning spirits. This will remove any old thermal compound which you do not want to get in the way of the new thermal compound. Get some good quality thermal compound like Arctic Silver and apply small amount to the surface of the GPU, you only need a small amount as the compound will spread out when you attach the heatsink. Once the heatsink is reattached to the top of the GPU you need to tighten the clamps on the bottom of the motherboard so it doesn’t fall off. Need to reassemble your Xbox 360 but putting the motherboard back in the hard drive and finally the DVD drive.

If you followed these instructions properly and let’s face it that hard to follow, you should have solved the problem of your Xbox 360 freezing due to glitches with the GPU. However your Xbox 360 console could be suffering from numerous problems at the same time, this is the case with yours you might need to consult a Xbox 360 console repair guide. There are lots of Xbox 360 console repair guides out there but only very few of them are actually any good. I myself have tried lots of them and narrowed them down to only three that I think are worth the money.

Of course you could send your console back to Microsoft and pay hefty fee of $140 or more and wait anywhere up to a month to get it back, but with these guides you can have your Xbox up and running again within one day.

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Are you having all sorts of problems with your trusty old xbox 360? You are? Well then I guess you proabably want to know the quickest and easiest way of fixing these xbox 360 problems and getting straight back to playing games!

***Hot Tip! This guide is exactly the one I used to fix mine and many of my friends Xbox 360’s! Click here to check it out!***

Now we know you want to fix your Xbox 360 problems especially the most dreaded red ring of death; what should you do? This issue is usually caused by overheating which can be a result of heavy usage. Consequently, there may be burnt parts and detached items inside the box that resulted to give you the three red rings of death warning sign.

The most common method is to take the unit back to its manufacturer in order to have it fixed. Before you make the effort to take it to the repair center, make sure to check that it’s still covered under warranty which can save a lot in terms of service fee. If it is already beyond the warranty period or you have voided your warranty for some reason *look around*, then the whole process my cost you around $150 for the service charge and it can take about a month or more before you can have your repaired xbox back! Which between you and me, is LAME!

However, you have another option to fix your Xbox 360 problems; and that is to repair it yourself. Do not immediately jump to the conclusion that you cannot do it because you have no technical knowledge at all, oh no, believe me when I say that i have seen even the most technophobic people our there rejoice after succesfully following some easy instructions and resolve their issues themselves!

The repair process is very simple and you can definitely do it with the help of a repair guide which consists of an ebook and video tutorial on the step-by-step procedures. The cost involved in using this method is only less than $40; and you can have your unit fixed within the a day. Much better than an entire month imo!

Now I suspect that you’re asking “But what guide is it that you speak of?”. Well i wouldn’t hold that against you as I would be asking the same thing. The answer? This guide. This guide right….. here:



Xbox 360 Repairs – Common Xbox Problems and How to Fix Them

February 27, 2010

There are a lot of problems with the Xbox 360. Most of the problems are related to hardware failure. This problem can be solved by Microsoft if your consoles warranty has not yet expired. But if it has expired it then the cost of Xbox 360 repair is around 0 – 0 per repair. ***Hot […]

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